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Plated Necklace



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The simple but elegant design that will stand the test of time, this pendant necklace looks gorgeous on you! Copper alloy with gold or silver plating enhances its appearance. Delicately crafted to perfection, it includes the snake chain an impressive piece of its own kind. Perfect gift for HER as it delivers a profound complacent effect that will soothe her design taste. Trendy for different occasions, such as wedding anniversary, birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, or just as an everyday gift. Shop with us today, and enjoy our discounted price.

• Durable metal with gold and silver plating

• Delicately crafted to perfection

• Match with suitable apparel for different occasion

• Gives a charming appeal to your unique style

• A profound complacent effect that soothes your design taste

• Ideal for a wedding anniversary, birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas etc.


Before You Buy

As a valued customer we do our best to deliver the product as swiftly as possible, however, shipping times can vary as these are shipped from different factories, depending on your region. Please contact us with further questions prior to ordering

Time frame

2 - 4 weeks up to 6 weeks tops

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